Star Sleep

Star Sleep is an online platform, where you can book the experience of sleeping in a luxury & comfortable bed,
 outdoors on a beach or in greenery, under the stars.



Travel by alternative means. Enjoy the freedom and magic of nature. Combine your overnight stay at Star Sleep with your favorite activities
crete spots


From the imposing Psiloritis, the largest mountain range of the White Mountains, to short walking routes throughout Crete.



The wildness of the landscapes fascinates you. And this enables rocky fields throughout Crete to attract climbers from every corner.


Wine tours

Unique flavors and varieties of local wines will take you on a journey. The island's vineyards are a unique agrotourism experience.



Did you know that Crete is famous for its unique technical canyons in all of Europe? You can find a waterfall up to 200 meters!



Our universe offers mesmerizing sky maps that you can observe in the night sky.

Experience luxury and
serenity under the stars.


People say about Star Sleep
"Exciting idea! I'm crazy about sleeping under the stars! I will definitely be one of the first to try it!"
George K.
"I imagine a romantic two days with my partner, looking at the stars cuddled up in a comfortable bed...I can't wait!"
Giota F.
"I have had this field for so many years without using it for anything. Since I become a Host, it opens up other perspectives and extra income! I also have friends who will be interested!"
Stella A.


Choose the place and book the Star Sleep experience that suits you today

Every choice we make defines us. Every experience we experience can be etched in our minds, like a sweet memory, forever. Choose the place and the experience that suits you and just relax in the peace of nature.

Nestled in a serene olive grove just 550m from the quaint village of Vryses Kidonias, our outdoor spot offers a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Experience a magical night under the st

Introducing our newest outdoor spot in the picturesque Gerani Rethimnon! Located just 1km away from the sea and 7km from Rethimnon city, this tranquil oasis offers breathtaking mountain views and the perfect es

Welcome to our enchanting outdoor spot nestled amidst a serene olive grove in Kalesia, Heraklion, just 500m away from village. Immerse yourself in nature with a cozy bed under the stars.

1-2 persons

Enjoy a memorable experience at Star Sleep Spot in Archanes, nestled high in the mountains for breathtaking views that promise unforgettable nights under the stars. This premium location is equipped with all th


Check our optional services


Whichever bed you choose, together with your reservation you will receive a detailed guide on how to get there, as well as all the basic information you will need during your overnight stay



All our Star Sleep experiences are offered in places accessible by car quite close to where the Star Sleep Bed is located and within walking distance of traditional settlements and villages.



Everything is ready, clean, laid out and waiting for you! We also offer you a quilt to keep you warm if needed and a face towel for your morning wake up.


First aid box

A mini pharmacy with all the essentials will be on site, needless to say!


WC Kit

Here we offer you options! You can either choose a portable openair chemical toilet that we will place in the space for you behind a "screen". b) Either the traditional and more sustainable way with a shovel and instructions on how we operate in nature.


Μosquito net

If you are worried about insects you can simply ask us for your mosquito net. Before completing the booking, we give you options to make your experience as comfortable as possible for you.


Insect Repellent

If you belong to the people who are afraid of insects, we have a solution for you too! We provide you with individual insect repellents, as well as environmentally friendly sprays for the area.



Feeling safe in the place where you spend the night is everything to us! In every Star Sleep bed, there is a special locker to keep your personal belongings. If this experience is something very new for you and you want more security, all you have to do is choose to have a security guard nearby to "guard" you throughout the night. We highly recommend it!


Water Tap

A traditional tin tap is available in the area to pour water on your face in the morning, but the quantity is limited.

Be a Star Sleep Host

In addition to experiencing the experience, you can become a Star Sleep Host!

By registering on the platform the unexploited private space you have (yard, garden, field, roof) together with a Star Sleep bed, you can obtain an additional income by hosting tourists from Greece and abroad who wish to experience the original experience


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