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"Our vision is to bring people and nature closer"

Our goal is to offer our guests a unique experience of contact with nature through an outdoor overnight stay in a luxury bed. At the same time, we offer our hosts a new source of income, helping them to make use of their unused private space.

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What is Star Sleep about?

76% of tourists want contact with nature especially after covid. At the same time, in Crete alone, where the pilot phase begins, there were 43 million overnight stays last year. The “Star Sleep” online platform offers accessibility to a unique experience, as well as the possibility of contact with nature in an alternative and sustainable way.

Usually the opportunity to experience an overnight stay in nature is offered in exotic destinations, luxury hotels and luxury domes at high prices, making it out of reach. On the other hand, camping offers this contact with nature, but the quality of sleep is poor.

The concept of the “Star Sleep” online platform is aimed at those who love nature and would like to experience an alternative outdoor experience. It is an online platform, where anyone who wishes can book the activity of spending the night in a comfortable luxury bed in an open space (openair), out in nature and experience the experience of a restful sleep under the starry sky.

At the same time, Star Sleep Hosts are given the opportunity to register their unused private spaces. Thus they generate additional income, hosting tourists from Greece and abroad who wish to experience the original experience. Starting a business in the hospitality sector requires increased initial investment costs, unlike the start up business model. “Star Sleep” provides consulting services to Star Sleep Hosts for the security and setting up of their new business.


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Eri Pavlaki-Star Sleep

Eri Pavlaki


Anna-Maria Alogdianaki Star Sleep

Anna-Maria Alogdianaki

Marketing Manager


Nikos Matsankos

UI/UX Designer

Αγγελική-Σαββίδου Star Sleep

Angeliki Savvidou

Economist and Business Consultant


Lia Farmaki

Legal Counsel

Sofia Dialiatsi Star Sleep

Sofia Dialiatsi

Web Designer


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