Welcome to our enchanting outdoor spot nestled amidst a serene olive grove in Kalesia, Heraklion, just 500m away from village. Immerse yourself in nature with a cozy bed under the stars.

Looking for an unforgettable getaway? Our outdoor spot is just 800m from the village, 1.5km from the sea, and 7.5km from Rethimnon city, boasting breathtaking sea and mountain views. Immerse yourself in nature and unwind in a cozy bed under the stars

Introducing our newest outdoor spot in the picturesque Gerani Rethimnon! Located just 1km away from the sea and 7km from Rethimnon city, this tranquil oasis offers breathtaking mountain views and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of every

Escape to “Elliniko”, our stunning vineyard retreat just 1.2km from Athanatous village and 13km from Heraklion. Relax and unwind in nature with a cozy starbed under the stars while taking in breathtaking countryside views. Our idyllic ret

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