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Answers to the most common questions from our guests

Are the accommodations on accessible?

All our Star Sleep experiences are offered in places accessible by car quite close to where the Star Sleep Bed is located and within walking distance of traditional settlements and villages

Is bedkeeping service included in the booking?

Everything is ready, clean, laid out and waiting for you! We also offer you a quilt to keep you warm if needed and a face towel for your morning wake up.

Is there a first aid kit available at the accommodations?

A mini pharmacy with all the essentials will be on site, needless to say!

What options are available for the WC Kit at accommodations?

Here we offer you options! You can either choose a portable open-air chemical toilet that we will place in the space for you behind a "screen". b) Either the traditional and more sustainable way with a shovel and instructions on how we operate in nature.

Are mosquito nets provided in the accommodations booked through

Yes, mosquito nets are provided in the accommodations booked through takes the comfort and well-being of its customers seriously, and as part of their commitment to providing a pleasant stay, they ensure that mosquito nets are available in all their accommodations. These mosquito nets are designed to help protect guests from mosquito bites and provide a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep during their stay. Rest assured, aims to make your experience as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Do the accommodations provide insect repellent?

If you belong to the people who are afraid of insects, we have a solution for you too! We provide you with individual insect repellents, as well as environmentally friendly sprays for the area. Just remeber it's still nature and this is the reason you chose us.

Are there water taps available in the accommodations?

A traditional tin tap is available in the area to pour water on your face in the morning, but the quantity is limited.

Are the accommodations equipped with showers?

Star Sleep experience doesn't include a shower. We hope that you will come directly from the beach to enjoy your vacation.

Is there an additional fee for bringing pets to the accommodations?

We love pets ! Don't forget we are outdoors! Bring your "family" members with you and enjoy nature.

Additional Services on demand (extra charge):

Can I enhance the security of my stay at accommodations?

Feeling safe in the place where you spend the night is everything to us! If this experience is something very new for you and you want more security, all you have to do is choose to have a security guard nearby to "guard" you throughout the night. We highly recommend it!

Is breakfast included in the booking fee, or is it an additional service?

Breakfast is offered as an additional service at To enjoy a delicious and convenient breakfast, you can opt for our breakfast package at an extra charge. This way, you can savor a delightful morning meal without the hassle of finding a nearby restaurant.

What is the cost of travel insurance, and how can I purchase it?

We highly recommend obtaining travel insurance to protect your trip investment. While we do not directly offer travel insurance, we can guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing travel insurance from trusted providers. Ensure peace of mind by securing appropriate coverage for unexpected events during your journey."

Are there different dining options available, and what is the cost?

Dinner is not typically included in the booking fee at Starsleep. However, many of our partner accommodations offer exceptional dining experiences at their on-site restaurants or through room service. Treat yourself to a delectable dinner by opting for this additional service, available at an extra charge.

Can I arrange a professional photoshoot at the accommodation booked through

You can enhance your stay by booking a professional photoshoot at many of our partner accommodations. Capture beautiful memories in a picturesque setting and cherish them for years to come. Please note that arranging a photoshoot is an additional service, and it can be requested at an extra charge

 * You could combine your experience with another activity like hiking, wine tasting, snorkeling, climbing, etc. and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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