Star Sleep The Cretan start up

Star Sleep the Cretan start up

On Wednesday, February 8, the 5th cycle of the CapsuleT Travel & Hospitality Accelerator Program was officially completed at the Vassilis & Elizas Goulandris Foundation.

The night of presentations was full of innovation, technological ideas and smart tourism solutions hosted by Katerina Saridaki, Director of CapsuleT.

Important representatives of tourism and technology were present such as Christos Dimas – Deputy Minister of Research & Technology, Dimitris Fragakis – Secretary General of EOT, Alexandros Vassilikos President of Greek Hotels – Hotel Chamber, Katerina Saridaki Director of CapsuleT, Maria Foudas Director of Marketing at Google for South East Europe, Christos Tarantilis Chairperson of the Hellenic Parliament’s Committee on Research and Technology and other representatives of important bodies. Star Sleep received an Honorable Mention for successfully completing the 5th cycle of the CapsuleT Travel Hospitality Accelerator Program.

Star Sleep received an Honorary Distinction for the successful completion of the 5th cycle of the Program. The Cretan Star Sleep, founded by Eri Pavlaki, within 5 months succeeded and presented a clear development model, with sales already at the box office.

About Star Sleep

Star Sleep offers a unique experience to guests. The experience of sleeping in a comfortable luxury bed, outside in nature, under the starry sky. At the same time, it enables Hosts to have additional income from bookings. Hosts can be private individuals who own land (yard, garden, field, terrace,) visitable wineries and hotels in the green facilities they have, who are also the main partners.

The idea took flesh and bones taking into account surveys that 76% of travelers, after covid, want contact with nature and that “Sleep Tourism” is the new rising tourist trend that will occupy the market quite a bit in the coming years.

At the same time, the older trend for Wellbeing & Eco tourism is already evident on our island, with Crete having 43 million overnight stays last year.

The impressions and predictions for the first pilot year of Star Sleep, which will start from Crete, are very promising, while we await the next steps.